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Recent News: New datasheet in 2018 - New Palletlink datasheet on Methyl bromide fumigant for timber packaging responding to current concerns from countries that still use this chemical. Enter keyword in Quick-search (eg. 'methyl') or browse full 200 titles for free. Note: only members can view the full datasheet.

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Welcome to our website - PalletLink offers independent advice on the technical aspects of pallets and packaging. The illustrations above show our scope, which includes most packaging made from wood. We analyse failures, we comment on moisture issues, we offer alternative component dimensions, we can solve most problems in the field of pallets and packaging. Please note that we dont sell or manufacture pallets, packaging or measuring instruments.

PalletLink is funded by member subscriptions only and our members rate the saving of their time as the main value of membership. Difficult technical questions asked by pallet users, pallet makers, unit-load exporters or warehouse operators, can waste considerable time, but not if you pass them to PalletLink. If you pass them to us you can continue uninterrupted with your sales, admin or production tasks and you will receive a detailed e-mailed answer.

Entering a keyword into Quick-Search above takes you well on the way or even brings up the answer (try it now, you dont have to be a member to search) try keywords - collapse, safe loading, species, chemical, taint, moisture damage, fire, heat treatment, ISPM15, sapstain, food taint, environment, testing, grading etc...

We are recognized as a trusted source by the largest wood pallet and packaging manufacturers and end users and for this reason we run the technical hotline service, not only for direct PalletLink members, but also for TIMCON and NAPD the two largest wood packaging manufacturers associations.

All members have a private email to us for technical problems in the wood, plastic and steel pallet and packaging field. With your members password the 200 datasheets on this website can be accessed 24/7.

Examples of downloadable datasheets: (now 200 on this website): Moisture under shrink wrapping, CP1 to CP9 specifications, Europallet use and specification, German Düsseldorf half pallet, French glass bottle (VMF) palletNATO/MOD wing Pallet, USA GMA grocery pallet,  Avoiding decay in potato storage boxes, Kitemark-Keymark v ISO 9000, Corrosive effects on unprotected steel in packing cases, UN approved transportation crates, etc. You can use Quick-Search to locate a sheet/topic and download using your password.

We have made a small selection of datasheets on the site freely available - titles in red are freely downloadable - they are listed at the foot of subject pages, click to download. 


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