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Roll containers also known as roll pallets or dollys (dollys are roll containers with no side frames) are equipment intended for moving goods from warehouse to store - but not internationally. They comprise a base fitted with fixed and or swivel castors where the superstructure comprises two or more frames which provide retention for items requiring transport or distribution. There is huge usage of roll containers in Europe and the UK through Sainsbury was the leader in the field in early design and innovation. Sainsbury supermarket already by the 1980s had 350,000 roll containers on the move every night in vehicles containing food deliveries. Roll containers and dollies can be supplied in a variety of materials and the European Standard classifies roll containers into four main styles. One of these styles, the Nesting style, is further sub-divided into five derived forms and the Demountable style is sub-divided in two derived forms. The EN 12674-1: 1999: Roll containers - Terminology, gives details of these styles.

V-Frame style rollcontainer

When CEN first announced work in the rollcontainer field, it classified roll containers with pallets. PalletLink, as Convener at the time of the EN - pallet - standards programme took on the convenorship and secretariat of this new area and in due course the testing development programme until the EN programme was completed in 2006. The main technical effort was put in by a CEN Working group comprising UK, Denmark, Finland and France. France already had a National standard and tests on roll containers which helped CEN produce the second roll container document - EN 12674-2: 2001: Roll containers - General design & safety principles. This EN gives methods of measuring working dimensions and aspects of design that manufacturers need to be aware of, in order to avoid ambiguity in specifying these complex structures.

Castor standards of various sizes, types and qualities are essential to roll containers and dollys and standards were commenced by CEN by a separate Committee just before roll containers. There are large ranges varying from hospital castors, to office chair castors and the EN produced on castor standards was timely for the CEN Roll containers Working Group (WG8). A listing of these EN castors standards is given below.

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