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Recent News: 30 September 2023: New one-page summary chart of all 9 CP pallets ref sheet 12a listing plan size, deck configuration, truck access points has been uploaded. Also safe loads for multiple CP payloads (big-bag, drums etc.) in kg on separate sheet 12c. CP pallet wet and dry weights, wood volumes and nail size included on a 3rd sheet 12e, download all from 'Pallet Pools' page using your company password, or request copies by email from palletlink.data@gmail.com

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Welcome to the Palletlink website - we cover all the items in the illustrations above and the materials of which they are fabricated. That includes softwood, hardwood, nails, screws, nailplates, adhesives, etc.

If you have a design or materials problem on any of these and if you are a member of TIMCON, NAPD or Palletlink our advice is free. Advice is given by private email, datasheets in pdf or off the detailed web pages here. 

Two hundred datasheets are viewable on this site, all free to members by just using your members password. Passwords are issued as you join any of the constituent associations listed above.

If you are doing your own research entering a keyword into Quick-Search (top right on this page) brings up answers (try it now, you dont have to be a member to search) try these keywords - collapse, test loading, species, taint, moisture damage, fire, heat treatment, sapstain, food, grading, etc...

If you can't find what you are after just email us, or need a reminder of your password then just email palletlink.data@gmail.com 

We don't sell or manufacture wood, pallets or software. We are entirely independent

Datasheets on the site marked in red and are downloadable for non-members 




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