Freight Containers

This page contains a guide on the use of freight containers by pallet makers, pallet users and small case makers. Types, lengths, capacities and internal shipping sizes of freight containers are given. This information may also be of use to export packers or importers interested in maximising shipping space and avoiding moisture condensation problems associated with undried timber.

ISO series 1 freight container

Datasheets below, within this website, or due for upload, cover the best use of loaded pallets in freight containers, best pallet sizes, floor percentage fit, ‘handballing’ maximising empty pallets being shipped in freight containers, maximum loadings, door height, need for pin-wheel pallet placing, etc. This is supported with Index of Freight Container Standards 46i

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PDF41a Wooden box, crate and export wood case terminology (PDF 38kb)
PDF46f2 ISO Series 1 Freight container sizes, volumes and loadings - 20 Foot (PDF 8kb)
PDF46f4 ISO Series 1 Freight container sizes, volumes and loadings - 40 Foot (PDF 8kb)
PDF46g Maximum number of pallets in - freight containers - railcars - HGV's. (PDF 198kb)
PDF46i Index of freight container standards and related documents. (PDF 21kb)
PDF47c Security of palletised and other loads in vehicles. (PDF 71kb)
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