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We offer users, buyers and specifiers the same detailed level of hotline help and technical advice as we do to makers and suppliers of packaging and pallets. We recognise that packaging and pallets are purely functional and are not bought for their good looks and apart from speeding movement to the customer and preventing product damage, they add nothing to the quality of the goods ending up on your customer’s shelves, only to the cost.

Pallet Deck loading configurations

Buyers, specifiers and users, join PalletLink as Associates, for details go to the JOIN PALLETLINK page. We welcome any buyer, specifier or user of wood packaging and pallets from any business in any part of the world as a PalletLink member. Nor do you actually have to be involved in packaging and pallets, if you think membership can help you, you are welcome to join.
We can help tailor a new specification to meet your specific requirements to ensure economy, safety and environmental issues are met. Is the pallet suitable for my storage racking with its unusually wide beam separation? Why are we getting board breakage? Where is white mould coming from even after kiln drying? These are examples of the type of questions that PalletLink routinely answers.

If you are considering paring down a packaging specification and cut costs, you need to be wary of this type of approach. We can sometimes cut costs, but we don’t use guesswork. PalletLink advice is based upon sound timber engineering principles using in-house expertise. Solutions are numerically worked, backed by testing and logically laid out for clients. Here are just 3 of 200 datasheets:

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PDF11b Europe and the Europallet. (PDF 72kb)
PDF11r White, Food grade and Grade A pallets explained. (PDF 72kb)
PDF21f Every pallet has more than one safe working load (PDF 152kb)
PDF25a Stacking heights for loaded pallets. (PDF 64kb)
PDF25g Stacking heights for empty pallets stored externally. (PDF 13kb)
PDF77e Introduction to wood moisture meters. (PDF 69kb)
PDF93c Indication of approximate UK pallet price bands (PDF 82kb)
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