Members and clients can rest assured that any work that we do for them, or advice that we give them is completely confidential. We are able to be unbiased in our advice because we are not part of any pallet or packaging company. We are not involved in the manufacture or sale of pallets or packaging and we do not receive any commission. Our funding comes entirely from membership fees, product testing, consultancy, expert witness work, UK Government and UN packaging projects. We do not accept advertising, we do not sell mailing lists and we do not offer insurance deals.

Our rules for confidentiality are modelled on the strict rules applied to United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) laboratories, as such we will not divulge results of, or even that we are undertaking work of any nature for any company. No member is ever informed of what we are doing for another member or non-member company.

Any request that comes into our office from the buying public for pallets or packaging is automatically passed to the PalletLink member nearest to the enquirer which supplies that product.

PalletLink lists a website address only where we consider this to be a useful trade body or Government department. We believe our members value our confidential and unbiased advice and join for the technical help and information that they receive, not in the expectation of sales leads.

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