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Palletlink Solutions Ltd., 17 Marina Avenue, Ryde PO33 1NG 


For parcel deliveries of timber specimens or fastenings for test, please use Royal Mail.

Commercial carriers are not recommended for speed in Ryde.  

Website passwords:

All members are issued with a 6 character password when joining Palletlink. If you mislay yours just email us with your company i/d and we will send to your personal email.

You do not need a username we make Palletlink access as easy as possible.

Palletlink passwords are not the same as your TIMCON or NAPD passwords, for those you should contact these organisations directly. Both have their own websites.




On joining members are issued with a 2nd Palletlink e-mail for a faster response. However both addresses are monitored so either will do.

Sorry, we don't take any queries by phone but we check for members emails several times a day. Our responces are usually quite rapid.




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