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Excel spreadsheet programmes have been written to optimise designs for pallet decks, potato box sides, notched bearer pallets, and skid bases for export cases. We have developed some 30 short Excel programmes based on questions members have raised. We have called these optimising programmes ‘Excel Tools’ and placed a few for downloading below and will add more on member request.

Optimise board thickness with Excel tool 64c

Excel Tools are easy to use and free to PalletLink Members. Those that modify strength leave the user in full control by not adding safety factors to results, so what you get are exact changes, not working loads. For example if you want to see the effect of changing stringers from 20 to 23mm thickness, you get the exact strength increase instantly (note effect is not proportional to thickness). Another example - if your customer needs the weight of a sitka spruce pallet as it dries down to 20% moisture content in his warehouse, key in your exact board sizes and from the Excel worksheet you get the exact weight for good quality average growth sitka spruce. 

There is no charge for downloading these useful programmes, if you make incorrect entries, just delete and download from the PalletLink site again. If you need help call us or and if you need another spreadsheet format like Quattro or Lotus-123 then we can e-mail this to you.

Note that none of these Excel spreadsheets give working loads. If you want a line drawing of a pallet or box in 3-D see page PALLETS / MODEL DRAWINGS

For Downloading...

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Excel64a Block pallet weight calculator in 3 species and 3 moisture contents (Excel 25kb)
Excel64b Bearer pallet weight calculator in 3 species and 3 moisture contents (Excel 25kb)
Excel64c Effect on board strength of changing thickness (Excel 26kb)
Excel64d Wood specimen density & moisture content calculator (Excel 28kb)
Excel64e Wood strength (MOR) from small clear 300mm specimens (Excel 24kb)
Excel64f Wood sheet weight calculator (Excel 28kb)
Excel64g Sawn wood weight calculator in 2 species varying dryness levels (Excel 27kb)
Excel64h EPAL Euro weight calculator in 2 species at 6 moisture contents (Excel 31kb)
Excel64n Nail bending strength test procedure ISO 12777 (Excel 20kb)
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