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PalletLink offers its members many important and time saving benefits. Upon joining PalletLink you will be issued with your unique password and be able to freely download all our PDF, Excel and Word Datasheets on the site for your personal or Company use. The service is designed to help you with the technical side of your business and assist you in finding answers to your pallet or packaging safe loading, damage, moisture, export legislation or environmental problems. All emailed technical enquiries during your 12 month membership that take less that a half day to deal with here, are free. Within reason there is no limit to the number.



PalletLink subscription includes: access to over 200 members only datasheets, available titles are displayed at the foot of website pages with unlimited downloads. You can also e-mail requests for more technical detail to us if you need. As a member you also benefit immediately from uploaded new (or revised) datasheet updates, as well as free small timber specimen analysis in our laboratory. These services are available to all your authorised company staff. We also provide confidential consultancy visits at your, or your customers site, at reduced rates. For full details see our Membership Benefits page.

Joining PalletLink

We simply require an application form from new members (you can download Form 99 here) you can e-mail it to us, send a photo or post it.  

New members

Users join as Associates, timber pallet and packaging manufacturers as Members and suppliers (eg. nailmakers, softwood suppliers) join as Associate members.  Upon receipt of your application form we will send you an invoice and upon receipt of payment we will issue you with your unique password and membership certificate. New members may pay with cheque or bank transfer. For non UK EU Companies joining - please add your VAT number with Country prefix.


On joining PalletLink, members will then receive their unique website password that may be used by anyone within their Company plus a rapid response email address, this password is not to be made known to anyone outside your Company. No username is required.

Members who mislay their Password should contact us by e-mail and we will resend to your registered e-mail address.


PalletLink subscription charges are highly competitive as we have all the technical expertise required in-house. Pallet or packaging users join as Associates and the level of subscription is based on turnover. There is no joining fee.

Pallet and packaging manufacturers and industry suppliers such as nailmakers or softwood mills join at different rates. Your subscription lasts a full 12 months from the 1st day of the month you join.

Renewal of membership

Members will be invoiced the month before their renewal subscription is due on 30-day credit terms. Members renewing promptly will have uninterrupted website access. No period of notice is required and if you do not wish to renew membership, simply return the invoice.

For Downloading...

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Click Here for information on joining PalletLink to gain access to all the benefits of a subscription.
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