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Apart from the information available on this site, a further benefit of Palletlink Membership is free telephone or e-mail advice which covers not just simple queries but can also include substantial questions. This might be a little known pallet design from overseas, or calculating the size of a pair of loadbearing skids for a large export packing case. Our dedicated team of three are able to help with all enquires relating to timber pallets and packaging and often peripheral matters too, for example how many empty Euros fit in a Freight Container. Our Members rate our hotline as an important part of PalletLink membership.


Sometimes, if you ask at a busy time we need a few hours to reply, but straightforward enquiries like a suppliers address, or the minimum height fork access for a  pallet, can often be dealt with on the phone immediately or by e-mail. Before you contact us, have a look at the ever increasing range of Datasheets, they may answer your query and we upload new and revise sheets frequently. Some Datasheets are in the visitors' free area (red titles) and will give casual visitors to the site an idea of the wide range of work we cover.

We make no charge for the members hotline even though we may have to work for some time on a question. Over 99% of member enquiries are free but we do reserve the right to charge for something that is unusually long, or if you require us to come out to your site. Site visits we designate as chargeable consultancy - but we always quote first and we discount members consultancy or testing fees by 25%.

If you are not a member, stuck on a problem and need help right now, you can join Palletlink without delay. We do not submit membership applications to any committee procedure and any company is welcome to join. If you need technical help that is what we are here for. All you have to do is go to the Join PalletLink page, download the Membership Application Form 1, fill in your details, sign it, then return the form by mail, fax, or e-mail.

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