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While we allow non-members access to some Datasheets on this site (those highlighted in red), the majority of Datasheets on the website are for PalletLink members only. Membership subscriptions pay for this website and membership of PalletLink carries unique privileges.


1000 kg potato boxes
  • Hotline for technical problems and specification issues large or small in the whole packaging field via e-mail. The majority of queries are resolved under the free member-hotline service
  • 200 (and increasing) datasheets on current UK, European and Worldwide pallet and packaging topics can be downloaded using the password supplied on joining
  • The 200 include packaging datasheets on a wide range of subjects - almost all known pallet specifications home and overseas, HSE and BSI safety publications and working software aids in Excel
  • Access, via our office, to an unrivalled pallet and packaging standards database listing (or copies) of 1300 DIN, AFNOR, ANSI, BSI, CEN and ISO specifications or test methods. 
  • Free loadbearing analysis, timber species identification or water damage analysis (bluestain, white mould, softened corrugated, etc.) where the member supplies and we e-mail back confidential results
  • We can advise on whether your pack or pallet meets a British Standard (BS), European (EN, CE and Keymark), German (DIN), International (ISO), or commercial (TüV, KiteMark, CP, VMF etc.) standard


  • Members receive a 15% fee discount when we undertake at your request, problem solving, pallet or packaging consultancy and accident causes on your site or your customers site
  • We undertake testing of your pallets, agricultural storage boxes, timber specimens and joints. For large or unusual specimens such as compression strength of whisky casks we use external facilities. We use appropriate BS, EN or ISO test methods where available.

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PDF21f Every pallet has more than one safe working load (PDF 152kb)
PDF77e Introduction to wood moisture meters. (PDF 69kb)
PDF94b Marking of pallets with safe load is not recommended. (PDF 64kb)
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