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Safety publications come from a variety of sources. Many of the earlier BSI safety standards have been replaced by new European standards (ENs) which cover the same topics and have been published by BSI as BS ENs. The UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) publish a range of safety publications although there are gaps, one such gap is safe height for the stacking of empty pallets which PalletLink have tackled and produced recommendations in consultation with the HSE, pallet recyclers and new pallet manufacturers.


Certain EN and ISO pallet standards contain safety information and we find that the HSE often incorporates this into their own documents. The HSE website is

An example is HSE Guidance Note PM15 Safety in the use of pallets.

Another of value is HSE Guidance Note 398 Are you making the best use of lifting and handling aids containing guidance on hand pallet trucks (known as pallet jacks in the USA).

Hazard analysis or hazard assessment is essential for pallet users and a publication of value to a company’s workplace safety is the HSE document 5 Steps to Risk Assessment. Although there are newer versions by HSE and also live website versions '5 steps is a good reference for works committee members to start with.

We have included some HSE downloads, but by no means all those documents which manufacturers and users need to be aware of. The only thing we can't offer examples of are British Standards. These are copyrighted and need to be purchased from BSI, they include ENs and ISOs on safety, published as British Standards.

Go to PUBLISHED STANDARDS on this website for more information on obtaining British Standards as paper copies or digital. Or Google the BSI Standard number you are after.  

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PDF25a Stacking heights for loaded pallets. (PDF 64kb)
PDF25g Stacking heights for empty pallets stored externally. (PDF 13kb)
PDF47c Security of palletised and other loads in vehicles. (PDF 71kb)
PDF65c ISPM 15 Full Wood Packaging Standard v2018 (PDF 761kb)
PDF65d HSE 5 Steps to risk assessment 2006 (PDF 78kb)
PDF65f Manual handling and loading of pallets etc Canada 21pp (PDF 259kb)
PDF65g HSE Wood machining safety leaflet - Toxic woods (PDF 25kb)
PDF65h HSE - COSHH and the Woodworking Industries (PDF 43kb)
PDF65i HSE GN 398 Making the best use of handling aids (PDF 541kb)
PDF65k HSE PM 15 Pallet Safety (PDF 1443kb)
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