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European pallets comprise a wide range of sizes and designs - some are commercial designs, some are National Standards and some are European Standards (ENs). The most popular European pallet is the 800 x 1200 mm Europallet shown below, the Chep 1200 x 1000 rental pallet and the CP (Chemical Pallet) range of 9 sizes. Exchange and rental pallets are covered in more detail in the POOL PALLETS page, some popular European specifications are at the foot of this page.


In 1979 Austria and Germany were the first countries in Europe to make serious attempts at International (ISO) level to reduce what was at the time a large number of pallet designs across Europe and the rest of the world, to just two sizes. Their target was to make all pallets become multiples of the ISO 400 x 300 mm packaging module ‘M’ (which neatly fits the 800 x 1200 and the 1200 x 1000 pallets). Their target was not achieved, since in ISO/TC51 other countries such as Japan resisted it since the most common Far Eastern pallet size at the time was 1100 x 1100 mm. What resulted however was a good compromise in ISO 6780 which is five ISO plan sizes and two permitted sizes that met requirements across the world well. The result was that pallet reuse was encouraged and waste was reduced.

In the chemical industry, German industry led again with the CP range. The German Chemical Association (VCI) acted with remarkable speed in 1991 by reducing over 100 largely non-returnable wood pallet specifications in the chemical industry to five, known as CP1 to CP5. The problem with wider acceptance in Europe was that these were all three-baseboard pallets of limited strength (often described as ‘skid-base’ configuration) and there were other countries also manufacturing polymers and chemicals that needed designs with a stronger full-perimeter base. So the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK, through the Association of Polymer Manufacturers of Europe (APME) extended the range by four more designs: CP6 to CP9. The APME adopted all these designs as the familiar nine widely used CP specifications CP1 to CP9. Specifications of these are given in our POOL PALLETS page.

As well as pallet users, the European pallet making industry has reacted well to encourage reuse and  waste reduction. For example, the UK National Association of Pallet Distributors (NAPD) saw the benefit of a recylers guide to recycling and repair and a UK technical committee started work in 1993. This was chaired by PalletLink and a recycling document was developed as a working document and submitted through BSI and in 1995 which became the starting document for the eventual European Standard EN ISO 18613: 2003 Pallets for materials handling - repair of flat wooden pallets.

If you need European specifications you cannot easily find try QUICK SEARCH at the top of this page which locates full titles, part titles, topics or document numbers. We have more European pallet specifications on file which may be added to this site in due course so if you can't find something call us. The most popular European pallet standards plus popular commercial pallets are either downloadable below, or at some other point on the site. For lists of overseas standards see the PUBLISHED STANDARDS page.

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PDF11a Palletlink Newsletter Spring 2023 (PDF 267kb)
PDF11b Europe and the Europallet. (PDF 72kb)
PDF11c Maximum safe loading for EPAL 800 x 1200 Europallet. (PDF 62kb)
PDF11d Europallet safe working loads (SWL) as issued by EPAL. (PDF 126kb)
PDF11g Specification and self weight of the 800 x 1200 Europallet (PDF 45kb)
PDF11h2 New EUR 2 1000 x 1200 mm - 4 way entry pallet specification (PDF 98kb)
PDF11h3 New EUR 3 1000 x 1200 mm - 4 way entry skid pallet specification (PDF 103kb)
PDF11k Specification of light 800 x 1200 skid style (PDF 87kb)
PDF11m EPAL registration marking and exchange of Europallets. (PDF 73kb)
PDF11n UIC EURO v EPAL EURO – quality and exchange issues. (PDF 124kb)
PDF12c Safe working loads for CP pallets in racking. (PDF 117kb)
PDF15a Dusseldorfer half size pallet - general description (PDF 127kb)
PDF15b Specification for DIN 15146 - Part 4 Dusseldorfer half pallet. (PDF 80kb)
PDF15c VMF glass bottle - wine - mineral water - pallet. (PDF 95kb)
PDF15f Heavy brewery pallet French spec 1000 x 1200 (pallet lourde brasserie). (PDF 20kb)
PDF15h2 DIN 15146 - Three mainstream German National pallets. (PDF 148kb)
PDF15m Quarter pallet specification 400 x 600. (PDF 111kb)
PDF18d The steel Europallet. (PDF 101kb)
PDF34e TüV third-party certification system for products (PDF 72kb)
PDF65a APME Chemical Pallet CP specifications - CP specs CP1 to CP9 (PDF 679kb)
PDF99d Dusseldorf Pallet Suppliers - to German National Standard - DIN 15146-4. (PDF 37kb)
PDF99e Dusseldorf Pallet 800 x 600mm new & used UK suppliers. (PDF 10kb)
Word Doc.99g Main continental standards DIN UIC & CP in brief (Word Doc. 30kb)
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