Military Pallets

Procurement of military pallets and packaging for certain countries and armed forces of the world has been simplified by membership of NATO, which has standardised military pallet and lifting equipment design. NATO designated equipment tends to be more robust than commercial packaging. There are also non-standard military pallets like the one illustrated.

Sled Pallet

National specifications in the UK were hitherto known by MoD (Ministry of Defence) part numbers that had little international meaning. The UK has now adopted NATO numbering so the same supplies (various designs of pallets) have a NATO part number which has an international meaning and the old MoD part numbers are less used. Procurement can still be confusing because of a recent NATO part number change where some of the original numbers have been reassigned, often to totally unrelated items. This means that the same pallet could be referred to by any of 3 numbers. To assist in locating pallet designs we have cross referenced these 3 part numbers give all 3 numbers in relevant Datasheets due to be uploaded. If you need help finding a military or NATO pallet specification that is not listed here, you should contact us, although we find it can take some time to establish the details of Military pallet and case specifications

The defence industry sometimes use unusual descriptive terms, for example the term wingless pallet (flush pallet) is used, so we advise using the latest NATO number wherever known. Another problem is that the same pallet can have two NATO numbers simply because one pallet is ISPM 15 heat-treated and the other is not treated. Including variations for treatments, we estimate there are 9 different NATO timber pallets used by European defence services (due for upload here). Wood pallet and case procurement contracts by the armed forces is complex and different in all countries.

This section does not list all military or NATO pallets used, it is simply a collection of designs of which we have details. We are currently working to expand this section.

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PDF16a Index of military pallet standards. (PDF 13kb)
PDF16c Handbook for European Defence Procurement. (PDF 54kb)
PDF16e Military UK packaging information sources. (PDF 10kb)
PDF16k MoD Wing Pallet Specification AO-11130 (PDF 135kb)
PDF16L2 MoD 1 Ton 'Wingless' Pallet specification A0-11125 sheet 2 of 2 (PDF 75kb)
PDF16m MoD 1 ton wing pallet specification AO-9916 (PDF 147kb)
PDF16p US Military 2 & 4 way, wing, flush, block and stringer pallets. (PDF 79kb)
PDF48b Non-compatible load platforms - the Skid base or sled pallet (PDF 21kb)
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