Non-timber Standards

Stacking dollys

This page covers the essential standards used for timber packaging such as steel nailing and fastening methods, but also includes steel packaging, plastic packaging and aluminium pallets. The page is not solely concerned with formal National, European or International Standards since some test methods or specifications only exist in the commercial form. An example of this is the MIBANT test for pallet nail strength originating in the USA (see also NAILS and NAILPLATES page) .

There are a wide range of plastic standards, such as boxes called ‘tote bins’ and others which comprise steel aluminium and plastic such as rollcontainers and dollys. An example is dollys which are specified for dimensions, test methods and safety performance such as stacking height and minimum toppling angles in EN 12674-4: 2006: Roll containers - Part 4 - Performance requirements.

Fastenings listed are mainly for application to timber products. There are both dedicated fastener standards and also product specific standards reflecting the need of the particular sector. This is a common enquiry to PalletLink so there are now many fastener standards or fastener descriptions on this website. If not found in the downloadable indexes members should e-mail us with a number, a title, or even a part title. We currently have steel fastening standards available in our library for timber packaging, plastic packaging and roll containers.

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PDF59a Index of European nailing standards. (PDF 16kb)
PDF63a INDEX of ROLLCONTAINER standards. (PDF 63kb)
PDF99b Purchasing BS, EN and ISO standards online or paper from BSI. (PDF 64kb)
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