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In the Environment page we listed old and new environmental considerations in the wood packaging industry through from tainting of foodstuffs, sustainability to elimination of heavy metals. This page is an extension of that with a listing of most published Standards, EU Directives and useful documents that the packaging supply, manufacturing and using industry sometimes need to have access to. We emphasise that this is intended to be a helpful checklist and you will need to be aware of the customer and country you are dealing with, where national requirements may be additional  to those listed. The HSE documents on machine and worker safety are only selections aimed at introducing these topics.

Waste has in recent years become an essential to manage in all companies in the EU and the recent key changes to the Packaging (and Packaging Waste) Regulations for 2006 are summarised in download series 84. 

Due to previous member requests we have included in our downloads on the ENVIRONMENT page a self assessment form for BS EN 13427 and supporting explanatory notes, which should help manufacturers in the EU when faced with a requirement to demonstrate that they meet the packaging waste and minimisation requirements of EN 13427 enacted in mandatory National legislation in almost every EU country.

The customers pallet payload or the export case content can be relevant to the wood packaging supplier, for example certain payloads of volatile chemicals may require pre-treatment of the timber (see the TREATMENTS page). Sometimes pallet buyers/users ask pallet makers about exact hazard classifications of their product on a timber pallet, hence our listing of sources of UN-SIN, HazMat and HAZCHEM numbers in the 97 Series sheet below. This information will enable members (or us if you need assistance) to locate appropriate UN-SIN numbers.

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PDF84a Brief summary of Producer Responsibility (Packaging Waste) Regulations. (PDF 83kb)
PDF84c DEFRA - Packaging Waste Regulations - Brief User Guide (PDF 259kb)
PDF84d DEFRA - Packaging Waste Regulations - 111 page User Guide (PDF 371kb)
PDF84m DEFRA - How to register as a producer of packaging (PDF 129kb)
PDF89e Pallets & Packaging 16 Directives & Recommendations to be aware of. (PDF 80kb)
PDF96i Index of Safety Standards including HSE and BSI documents. (PDF 61kb)
PDF99b Purchasing BS, EN and ISO standards online or paper from BSI. (PDF 64kb)
PDFHSE PM 15 1998 download Feb 2014 (PDF 699kb)
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