Roll Container Testing

When the CEN WG started work on defining testing methods for roll containers in the late 1990s they used as a base document the French National Standard on the subject. There was also a comprehensive test facility at the Trappes based Laboratiore National d'Essais (LNE) which assisted the WG8. The work needed was extensive but in 2004 the 3rd document EN 12674-3: 2004: Roll containers - Test Methods was finally published.

BS EN diagonal resistance test

Part 4 (performance) required further testing and a wide range was needed. Testing programmes took place in France and the UK where the UK Ad-hoc Rollcontainer Committee ran tests on Finnish, UK and Danish roll containers. The longest roll container tested was 1010 mm the widest 890 mm. The longest dolly was 810 mm, widest 600 mm and highest 260 mm. Wheels and castors tested were from 75 to 125mm diameter with tyre materials of soft rubber, hard rubber, nylon and a soft ABS plastic. Some had soft rubber infill between tyre and rim. Most castors were fitted using 4 bolts on a 60 x 80mm pcd, a very few with a single central bolt. A total of some 300 specimen tests were conducted on 18 roll containers from 4 European makers and 6 dollys from 1 maker. Some results are given in Datasheets below.

The final part of the set of roll container standards the EN 12674-4: Roll containers - Performance requirements, was published in 2006. The document also includes requirements for dollys. There is now a comprehensive set of roll container standards for Europe and the tests are the basis for safe designs for a product that numbers many tens of millions. These are used by food industries, DIY chains, dairies, etc.

For companies who are interested in results of these tests or need to undertake their own in-house testing and need basic set-up data we have an extensive series of photographs of roll containers running through all the BS EN tests supported by written commentaries on each test. In due course these will be available in downloadable Datasheets below, currently they are available on request by members.

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PDF62a Summary and comments on roll container tests in BS EN 12674-3. (PDF 117kb)
PDF63a INDEX of ROLLCONTAINER standards. (PDF 63kb)
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